A comparison between Bagster from Waste Management and the renting of a ten-cubic-yard dumpster from a local trash service is conducted to provide an answer to this question: Waste Management’s Bagster is a 3-cubic-yard bag constructed of a strong, woven cloth that is easily movable.

You must first purchase the  Bagster to use it. It is possible to purchase it  in home improvement stores or online. You schedule Waste Management to pick it up when you’ve filled it to the brim. Contact the dumpster rental company to schedule a pick-up as soon as you’ve finished filling the dumpster. The smallest size is its main drawback. 

Cubic yards of trash:

If you have less than three cubic yards of trash, this is the best option. It’s impossible to fit a sofa or other significant, bulky things in it because it is just 2 feet 6 inches tall. Smaller items and three cubic yards or less of debris are ideal for the  disposal. There is a ‘price per ton’ for additional weight when you go beyond the included weight. 

cubic yards of trash

Dumpster bag:

You can’t just put the dumpster bag down anyplace because it’s compact and movable. Your driveway or front yard, near the road, is the most common location for a Bagster. Waste Management must be able to pick up the bag to do so. There must be a clearance of at least 18 feet. In addition, the crane is limited to a maximum height of 16 feet. 

Alleys and driveways must be at least 12 feet wide to accommodate large vehicles. Trucks, on the other hand, cannot enter a driveway from an alley. Dumpsters are typically placed in your driveway, parking lot, or alleyway, depending on the situation. Dumpsters on the street may be prohibited or require permission in some cities. 

Dumpster service:

Be sure to question the dumpster service providers you speak to about local permit requirements. And whether or not they’ll be able to take care of it. Roll-off dumpsters are typically 8 feet wide, and the trucks that pick them up are of the same size. For the most part, driveways are preferable over sidewalks. 


When it comes to accessibility, your dumpster door should be open, and your garage should be accessible if your dumpster is located near the garage. Should consult the hauler about the best location for your dumpster. A landfill is often licensed to accept heavy construction and demolition waste (such as bricks or cement) and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. 


After you have the dumpster bag or dumpster, don’t be surprised if the things you wish to get rid of multiply. In most cases, clearing up clutter and garbage is a contagious endeavor. You’ll almost always find more things to get rid of than you expect when you purge yourself of unnecessary clutter. 

Yard trash may or may not be collected with the  Bagster, depending on your location. This does  not accept paint, chemicals, hazardous garbage, propane tanks, or appliances as recyclables. A dumpster rental is the most cost-effective alternative if you are unsure whether you will have more than three cubic yards of rubbish.