A Quick And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Your Waste:

Pick up a Bagster bag if you’ve got junk piling up and want a convenient way to get rid of it. These three steps will help you complete your next home or business job quickly and efficiently.

What Is The Maximum Capacity Of A Bagster Bag?

Three thousand and three hundred pounds is the maximum weight capacity of a Bagster bag. What’s the precise amount?

  • 1,280 square feet of 34-inch-thick hardwood flooring
  • 4′ x 8′ drywall (12″ thick): 47 sheets
  • Shingles covering 800-1,000 square feet
  • Carpet or tile covering 900 square feet
  • 180 studs in the wall, made of wood or metal

A heavy material like asphalt, masonry, or concrete can take up to one cubic yard of space.

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Materials That Are Acceptable Include:

There are many different types of materials that go into building a house.

Recycled Materials – Rubbish – Carpet – Old Luggage – Mattress – Wood – Construction Debris. Packaging materials, metal furnishings, sinks, plaster, carpet, and roofing shingles are all available. 

Household junk, broken toys, bikes, and paneling are some items that can find after a house has been demolished. Thick Junk: Concrete and asphalt; dirt; sand; rocks; barbecue grills; etc. (without gas tank)

Materials That Should Not Use:

Chemicals, railroad tie-ups, fluorescent bulbs, hot materials, asbestos. Biohazardous or Toxic Waste (e.g., paints and oils), Medical Waste (e.g., blood), Tires (e.g., batteries), and Appliances.

Giving A Visual Impact To Excess Waste:

A significant clean-up or renovation job may generate more rubbish than your regular trash service can handle. Not enough to justify the use of a large temporary dumpster. Or maybe there isn’t enough area in your location for a full-sized roll-off dumpster. The Bagster bag is a waste management company’s solution to this problem. It folds up and stores easily, but it’s strong enough to handle 3,300 pounds of rubbish.

Only Particular Types Of Materials Are Permitted In Specific Locations:

Brush, Tree Clippings, Tree Mulch, and Sod are all examples of yard waste.

Recyclable Material:

Various types of batteries and electronic components are used in everything from cell phones to laptops to cars to tires.

Is There Any Situation In Which A Bagster Bag Would Be Useful?

Dumpster bags come in very handy for a wide range of tasks. They’re great for smaller residential, commercial, and construction tasks that aren’t handled by your regular trash service. However, this does not need the use of a large dumpster.

Job Opportunities For A Bagster Bag Could Include The Following:

  • Cleaning and renovating the cellar
  • Do-it-yourself Attic Cleaning
  • Clearing the Garage
  • Getting Rid of the Carpet
  • Removal of Home Furnishings
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Removing the Deck
  • Renovating a Bathroom’
  • Renovating the Kitchen
  • Renovating a Bedroom

Our Dumpster Bags Was Packed When We Got It Home, And We Discovered The Following:

There is no debris on your property, business, or construction site, so your project is in good hands. The next step is to retrieve the Bagster bag by following these steps:


Plan your pickup either online or over the phone. You’ll need to provide your pickup address, where your Bagster bag is located on your property, and what’s inside.


To place an order, you must pay Waste Management in advance with a credit card over the phone using Visa or MasterCard. Discover Card and American Express are additional options if you’re in the US.

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When the time comes, we’ll come to get your dumpster bags. Phone us to let us know if there is a conflict or if you need to cancel.

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