An attack known as dumpster diving uses the trash of the victim to get information about the perpetrator. When people think of dumpster diving, they often imagine someone diving in and pulling up something unpleasant, but that’s not how it works.

Threat actors could be in and out of the dumpster in a matter of minutes if they perform a dumpster diving attack. There’s a chance, however, that they’ve already gotten their hands on sensitive data, storage devices, and computers. To learn more about dumpster drivers, read on. You’d be shocked at how much personal information is buried in your garbage about you, your family, or your business.

trash diving

A recent credit card statement can serve as an example. Dumpster drivers can find a variety of information about you by searching through your garbage. Contact information for loved ones, friends, clients, and business partners. Passwords and access credentials scribbled carelessly on a piece of paper.

  • Account numbers for credit cards and banks.
  • Plans to create a new item.
  • A business plan outlines that have been printed out.
  • Previous-day calendars and to-do lists.
  • Storage devices that may carry around in the palm of your hand

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the essence. Your home or office network accessed using any of the previously mentioned details. Password and access code notepads are the most priceless items to have. Tossing these goods in the trash without a second thought has become second nature to most of us.

To Avoid Being a Victim of Dumpster Diving, Follow these Tips. Due to a lack of security awareness, dumpster diving attacks have been successful. People would not discard paper without shredding if they knew how an attacker could utilize the data contained inside. As a result, knowledge is the best defense against dumpster diving attacks for you and your company. Be able to tell the difference between private and public records.

Dumpster Divers In The Real World:

Matt Malone, apologies for the delay. Matt Malone is a well-known dumpster diver who earns several thousand dollars each year. He would enter a dumpster and emerge with valuables like electronics, power tools, and furniture.

Malone Sifting Through Trash Cans:

Despite currently making a profit from dumpster diving, he began off as a zero-knowledge intruder. The task of hacking into a company’s computer system, but he had no idea how to do it himself. He dug through the target’s garbage as one of his initial steps. After a few weeks, he discovered several documents containing thousands of clients’ private information.

Rubbish Diving Rush

Jerry Schneider (President And Chief Executive Officer):

Pacific Telephone’s waste, which contained paperwork, manuals, and bills from the company’s order and delivery system, inspired the idea. Jerry Schneider, a trash diver who launched a wholesale telephone equipment company in 1968 while still in high school, is one of the more well-known examples. The concept born in a dumpster, specifically Pacific Telephone’s waste, which comprised paperwork, manuals, and invoices related to the order and delivery system.

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