Do you know how to dispose of a dead battery? With so many wireless technologies in the home, it’s critical to understand your battery disposal and recycling choices. For example, you must treat rechargeable on your laptop and digital camera different than you might rechargeable batteries in a controller.

Learn how to properly dispose of old single-use or rechargeable batteries. As well as how to recycling both types of battery.

Batteries: How To Get Rid Of Them

What Is The Definition Of A Single-use Battery?

A most common forms of household battery are singular batteries, which come in AA, AAA, 9V, or D-cell sizes. And those are the batteries found in television remote controls, children’s toys, lights, as well as other small electronic devices. This category includes batteries that are not rechargeable.

Is It Possible To Dispose Of Single-use Battery In The Trash?

Other than in California, where it is unlawful to throw away any form of battery. Single-use battery could be disposed of this in regular trash in all states in the United States. The household battery used to include mercury and were classified as hazardous trash before 1996. But they are now constructed of common metals that the national govt considers non-toxic. The button number combinations used in timepieces are an exception to this rule. As they are hazardous and therefore should be disposed its like a rechargeable.

To discover out if your neighbourhood has a collection programme or an upcoming event, contact your local waste management district.

Look for recycling centres that accept single-use batteries in your region.

Look for a battery recycling programme that allows mail-in submissions. Most of these programmes will sell customers a container to store used batteries in, which can then be mailed once this is full. Both Batteries Solution and Call2Recycle provide mail-in recycling services for battery packs.

  • By choosing battery packs instead of disposable ones, you can lessen the need to dispose of residential batteries. These can be reused and recycled over 1,000 times at little or no expense to you.
  • Take a few minutes to prepare your old battery for recycling once you’ve selected what you’ll recycle them:
  • To provisions dealing transfer, cover the terminals of each battery with a piece of non-conductive tape such as duct tape or aluminum foil. Instead of taping the edges, you could bag each battery separately.
  • In case of a spark, keep the battery in such a plastic and cardboard box that doesn’t carry electricity.
  • Look for any shipping charges safety precautions if you’re sending the batteries to a recycling plant.

Is It Possible To Dispose Of Rechargeable Battery In The Garbage?


No, you cannot throw rechargeable batteries away in your trash can or dumpster. Some states make it unlawful to put rechargeable batteries in the trash because they contain heavy metals that might be harmful to the environment.

Is It Possible To Recycle Rechargeable Batteries?

Yes, the rechargeable battery can be recycled, and they should be. You will normally incur no costs when recycling rechargeable batteries.

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